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Saturday, May 19, 2007

AUM and its Meaning (2)

( I met a wise man years ago, namely Prof / Pandit Saraswati Prasad Ghimire. He had this to tell me. Sri Ghimire is no longer with us. )

AUM is made up of three syllables A, U, and M. Ancient sages used this division profoundly in their practice. Dwelling on meaning of AUM has been an important aspect of teachings. It is because as you practice, you will find out that syllable, meaning and their origin have been merged, i.e. at highest level. Direct and spontaneous. As things really are or as they are not.

How can this realization be direct and spontaneous?

For this, wise seers devised an unique way one can relate to intimately. A of AUM was corresponded with our waking state, U with dream state and M with deep sleep state. Thus, our body and mind were made laboratory in enquiry to Truth. This way, one does not need to go far. One does not need to rely on external objects. Body and mind are universally accessible, close to us and can have direct effect.

In Waking state, we are conscious of the world around us. With our five senses, we perceive. Nobody has to teach us nor we need to learn to perceive. ‘A’ represents this.

In Dream state, we are unconscious of the outer world and form a mental world, just as we have an outer world while awake. Except, this mental world is internal. We don’t need to learn nor be taught to dream. ‘U’ represents this.

In Deep Sleep state, we don’t form any world neither physical nor mental. All our actions and thoughts cease to be.

But, here, one thing is amazing. In deep sleep, all our physical and mental activities are absent. Yet in the morning we know we had a sound sleep. How come? What is responsible? This is not mere theory or logic. In practice also, we are aware of this.

Wise seers of Vedanta have termed that conscious entity or essence as ever present and omniscient, thus real. It is AUM, the whole. They called it ‘Turiya’ or the fourth state but also present in all three, conscious of all three.

Meditate on the meaning of AUM. This is the starting point, the seed. Just keep going as it bears fruit. Amazing things will be on your way. Don’t be attached to any experience, pleasant or unpleasant. Don’t try to jump to the fourth at once. Generally, it is difficult working from the fourth state. Remember, this is not the usual inhaling/exhaling AUM exercise . This is practice of understanding. Or rather non-practice.


Rohit said...

Your hard work is worth five star rating!

Rohit said...

Your hard work is worth five star rating!