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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sufi Humor

( Nasrudin is a Sufi character. Some believe he actually lived.)

1. Nasrudin went to a bar regularly. Whenever he sat down to drink, he used to take out a frog from his pocket and put it on the table. It was his pet. He would start drinking and after a while, he would stop. He would then put back the frog in the pocket and leave. Everyone was astonished.

One day he went to drink again. The bartender came to him and murmured, "Drinks for you on the house, sir."

"Thank you" Nasrudin said, " What is the occasion?"

"Please tell me why do you always bring the frog with you. I am very curious."

Nasrudin paused for a while. Then he answered, "Look, it is very simple. When I begin to see more than one frog on the table, I remember it is time for me to leave. Otherwise, I might fall down on the way to home.

2. Nasrudin used to water his plants daily. He would bring the container near the plants and pour from it. But no water would come out. But he kept pouring. His close neighbor who was watching this for quite some days came to him and asked, "Excuse me, Nasrudin, may I ask you something?"
Nasrudin : sure

Neighbor: You are pouring water to these plants everyday but I don't see water coming out from the container. What is the matter?
Nasrudin: No need of water, my friend. What do you think these plants are? They are all plastic.
Neighbor (even more confused): For god's sake, tell me then, why is there any need of pretending to water these plastic plants ?
Nasrudin: So that people would not think these are plastic plants. It is just between you and me. If I don't pretend to water them regularly, they might find out these are not real, after all.

3. Once Nasrudin was standing by the road near his house. A car came by and stopped in front of him. The man inside the car rolled down the window and asked about directions.Nasrudin watched him for a while and gave directions."Thank you" said the man and left. After a while he came back to Nasrudin. Annoyingly he said, " What is all this? I followed all your directions properly and here I am at the same place where I began from."
Nasrudin coolly replied, " Fine, I was just checking whether you could follow the directions. Now I will give you proper directions."

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